FAQ Medical Face Peel (RégimA)


There are many things said and written about skin peeling. One must always remember that every peel formulation is different and that is where the secret lies. RégimA is a medically accepted unique peeling formulation.

RégimA has been manufacturing the ‘Peel and Heal’ for many years and have achieved amazing results. Our medically approved formula is used successfully internationally, irrespective of climate and seasons. Because we specialize in scar treatments we are several steps ahead of the crowd. Our formulation can and should be used all year round. One starts the process of removing the outer dead layer of skin. This is the layer that gives us wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots and age spots, everything that retards rejuvenation. The ‘Peel and Heal’ successfully and very safely, works gradually through that outer dead layer and down to the basal living layer. It stimulates collagen production, thus re-elasticizing and rejuvenating even the most damaged, scarred, sun damaged or ageing skins. Unlike many peels which thin the skin, the RégimA formula helps thicken the skin making it much more youthful and healthy and less prone to cell changes. It contains an abundance of skin and scar healing ingredients blended with only pure, NATURAL, unadulterated acids. Although the ‘Peel and Heal’ is potent it is still very easily tolerated and one does not have to experience a major peeling to reap the full benefit. With regular peels the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and even in colour and texture.

The RégimA ‘Peel and Heal’ MUST NOT be compared to any other peel whatsoever. Many other peels are made from basic synthesized (glycolic acid is mostly cheaply synthesized) acids in a gel formula and just strip off the top layer. Some of these other peels are not always safe to use all year around and can cause the skin to be very irritated, sun sensitive and can lead to pigmentation. RégimA DOES NOT make the skin more sun sensitive. It is the safest, most powerful rejuvenator.

Q: Who performs the peels, how often, and is it painful?

A: The Medical Face Peel is performed by our RégimA trained skin care professional. A series of peels may be necessary to achieve an optimal end result to a particular problem. It is better and more favourable long-term to start off conservatively with the peels, each treatment time may be increased, dependent on patient/client reaction and tolerance. With a problem such as pigmentation it would be ideal to commence with either a weekly regime if tolerated very well, or a fortnightly peel if one does experience peeling. One can then progress to either monthly or six weekly as desired or required.

Dependent on the condition of the skin, on application one experiences a slight stinging/tingling sensation which occurs mainly during the first five minutes following application, but mostly one feels itchiness. It is easily tolerated and one may massage around with the pads of fingers to relieve any itchiness. This generally settles down. The peel will be left on for a period of time at the discretion of the skin care professional. This may be generally between 10 to a maximum of 60 minutes, depending on skin condition, problem and tolerance. It must be thoroughly neutralized using RégimA Cleansing Gel and the first cleanse does sting for a minute or so. This quickly settles down and the appropriate RégimA post peel products will be applied to the area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very well tolerated by most people, even the very young skins (as young as 11 years old). May sting more initially if the skin is dry and out of condition. Known to sting when applied pre-menstrually. During certain times of year it may sting slightly more – in extremes of cold and hot weather. Safe to use all year round.

Q: Must I use RégimA products if I am undergoing Medical Peel Treatments?
A: YES!  The Medical Peel Treatments will not be applied to any patient/client who is not using the RégimA home care Essentials. It is critical that one uses RégimA Cleanser, Day and Night products. For 2 nights following the peel one must use one of the following: Scar Repair, Quantum Elastin or Laser Gel. The natural peel and the natural products have been formulated to work synergistically and other cosmetic products may not react favourably.


Q: What will I look like after the peel?
Dependent on skin type and initial condition, a degree of erythema (redness) is experienced during the peel, and one can feel the skin is hot. This is mainly due to the stimulation. The redness usually goes down within a few hours and one looks back to normal. There may be some superficial flaking over the next couple of days but this is easy to handle. One may work and socialize as normal. Only following a deeper peeling session will the skin remain red for a few days. Particularly during and after the 70% peel there may be swelling and more extensive peeling, especially in sensitive areas. The skin feels smoother and softer immediately following cleansing. In olive or darker skins if there is any peeling the skin MAY look darker initially on these areas as the dead skin is sloughing off. One must be patient and continue with the home care and the peels, and this will improve quickly.

Q: Will I peel and for how long?
A: This unique peel can achieve instant smoothness of the skin without any visible peeling. A certain amount of epidermis (outer dead skin layer) is removed when the peel is neutralized but one does not have to have a wholesale peeling of the skin for it to have worked. This is therefore ideal for the working woman or man. One may just experience very superficial flakiness of the skin over the next few days. Obviously if one requires more impact e.g. For deeper wrinkles or acne scarring, then one requires the peel to stay on longer, be applied more often and with a higher percentage peel. This would result in a certain amount of peeling for several days.

The degree of peeling experienced at the beginning of the treatments depends on the condition of the skin. If the skin is very dry there may be more peeling, particularly around the nose, mouth, chin, nasolabial folds and eyes. The peel targets these areas, removing them more rapidly. This can be a normal response, particularly if there is sun damage. This does not indicate allergy, and will settle. Apply one of the post-peel products several times, massaging gently, and the dead skin will be removed leaving a smoother, fresher complexion. It does not mean that if you peel once or twice you will peel every time. Reactions vary from session to session dependent on certain factors. If one does not have visible peeling it does not mean the treatment has not been successful.