Cavitation (non-surgical laser lipo)

Cavitation, or Non surgical Laser Lipo, is a revolutionary treatment for the removal of excess fatty tissue in areas that are normally resistant to dieting and physical exercise.
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Slimming Injections

Phosphatidylcholine injections are the very latest solution to removing excess fat!

It’s the latest Hollywood craze, referred to as the “2nd Botox”, and has been proven to have a lypolic action, meaning it INCINERATES fat.  Celebrities who are known to have used this treatment are Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.
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Non-Surgical Wrinkle Reduction (RF)

Bipolar and Tripolar RF (Radio Frequency) technology offer new scientific development in body sculpting, anti-aging and skin tightening treatments.
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Skin Repair (IPL)

IPL activates natural collagen and elastin production in the active skin cells (fibroblasts), improving the skin’s overall texture and complexion. Skin rejuvenation treatments improve the skin’s overall colour and texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimises open pores.
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Hair Removal (IPL)

Hair today … gone tomorrow!
No more tweezers, razors or waxing, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal will cause a dramatic and permanent hair growth reduction.
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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage helps deliver cellular waste and microscopic villains like viruses and bacteria, which may cause cellulite, to the lymph nodes.
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Medical Face Peel (RégimA)

Smoothes wrinkles and improves sun damaged skin, removes solar keratoses ‘sun spots’, ‘age spots’, ‘liver spots’, while helping eliminate and control pigmentation.
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Lash Curl

Lash Curl is a long lasting and very effective Eyelash Lifting Treatment.  It is a beauty treatment that can be substantially enhanced by a MYscara application.
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